You may be searching skateboard shops in Chicago but I will going to tell you about some tricks. Alright, so first up on the list is the nollieshuvit. This trick is similar to a pop shuvit in that the board is going to rotate underneath you without you having to put either of your feet on the ground, but since you’re able to stay in your normal, forward stance the entire time and because of the forward momentum of the board and the fact that you’re popping the trick off of the nose, this trick is actually extremely easy to pick up, even for someone who’s just getting into skateboarding. To do this trick, start out riding slowly and transition your feet into nollie position with your front foot on the nose of the board and your back foot just in front of your back set of wheels. Now, very lightly, hop up off of the board, pressing evenly off of both feet, and just as your front foot is leaving the nose, pull it back toward your heel slightly to get the board spinning in a front side rotation.

If you don’t feel comfortable landing with both feet on the board at first, you can start out by landing with one of your feet on the ground after the board has finished rotating, and then once you feel confident that you can spin the board in a consistent manner, progress to landing on it with both feet. Once you get really comfortable with it, you can try spinning the board backside or doing nollie 360 shuvits. Now let’s take a look at the second trick on the list: the caveman finger flip. Before you start learning this trick, make sure you’re already able to do the nose grab caveman and the indy grab caveman on flat ground first.

Once you’ve got both of those maneuvers down, you can start practicing the finger flip version while standing still, preferably on a softer surface like grass when you’re starting out. The easiest version of a caveman finger flip that I’ve found is to hold your board in an indy grab and flip the board one time while simultaneously jumping off of your usual back foot, timing your jump so that you land with your feet on top of the board just as it completes its rotation. Once you can do this move standing still, progress to doing it with a little bit of a running start. The lower you’re holding the board when you flip it, the easier it will be to overcome the fear of committing to jumping on it. My favorite approach is to take three running steps total, starting with my back foot, and then jumping on my third step. After you get good at the indy grab version, you can try out some of these variations, or better yet, make up some of your own. On that note, if you do come up with any interesting caveman finger flip variations or any other interesting skateboard tricks, for that matter, the rest of the community and I would love to see them.

OK, so now let’s move on to the third trick on the list: the slappy nose slide. In skateboarding, a slappy refers to a trick that’s usually done on a curb or a short ledge, and involves a grind or a slide but doesn’t involve popping the board off of the ground in order to get into the maneuver. So to do a slappy nose slide, you’re just going to ride right up to the curb or short ledge at an angle and start the slide just by lifting up the front part of your board like you would for a manual, letting your momentum carry you along as you slide on the nose of the board. To learn this trick, you can start by learning the stationary version of it. Ride straight toward the ledge slowly and position your front foot onto the nose of the board. As you reach the ledge, lift up your front wheels and set the nose of the board on the ledge. At this point, make sure to practice pressing all of your weight down onto your front foot to get the board fully locked into the stall, and also make sure that you bend your back knee to help keep you centered over the board.

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