Do you want to know about the skateboard or the types of skateboard bearings. We’re going to do that. We’re going to do that and to see how many tries they would take like if they do everyone first try. It’s like fool too easy just roll up nice and easy you’re going to want to just lift up just a little bit. Well that’s the nosebleed. I guess once you get it on like a small object like that you could take it to a larger one you guys feeling it. I’m feeling it Lance persistence episode 17 rail army channel coming soon. You want to get really crazy with your nose bleed check. This nose bleed for trick number three I wanted to catch my board like this. But I failed well number three I had a really hard time figuring out what it was I thought for about 13 seconds and then Gabe was like do this and I was like. You’re brilliant genius kid cruise I think when I was in Montana. You’re going to get that Montana 10-year old trick selection.

I think we called this a caveman I’m not sure why maybe because we were cavemen and we thought that was cool I’m goofy. So I go right foot forward. So you’re going to take your right your foot that’s forward hand your foot that’s forward hand does that make sense and grab your nose. You’re going to hold your board like this. I guess you could say I just sort of dropping. It and then jumping on the board right and then you get faster and faster to the point. Where you can kind of jump and jump on the board now this might be the easiest skateboard.

Trick number three I definitely think it’s easier than an ollie but I can definitely foresee some people going like this what I must bring my ankle just trying to do it. Let me do that again I can definitely see some people going like this so don’t do that. Just don’t do that make sure that your balance is nice and even and you’re right over the board no problem and just jump on there like that. Go buy a skateboard this weekend go to your local shop go to the shred quarters. Buy a skateboard and start skateboarding that’s your homework for the weekend ready and then you can learn easy skateboard. Trick number two Lance wants me to do it awesome stuff. What do you think it’s hard at skateboard tricks. I want to thinking in my head was up rail drop where’s Benny bun when you need them. I think it’s easier if you sort of like bend down they thought. I was going to fall but I was being serious when you bend your knees you’re closer to the ground which means your center of balance is better hope some people make some means out of that screenshot.

It’s really worked on my upper arm strength get that damn well that ladies and gentlemen is lazy escape or trick number three before they all even either than all these easy just a portrait. Number four so easy I can’t even do it. Should we do that again easy escape or trick number four in Red Lodge Montana. I called that the sweeper swapper that’s not easy a skateboard. Check number four easy a skateboard trick number four the weight that’s five that’s a thumb and forefingers. Let’s know you got this easiest trick number four this is to write off a curve. We actually do have a full length tutorial on this very accurately detailing every single step to roll off a curb. I’m just going to give you the basics of roll off a curb here in the side Evo skateboard tricks of all time.

There’s a couple things that you need to know about rolling off a curb. One you need to be able to ride pretty well you need to have your balance down. Two you need to be able to ride while lifting up the front wheels. So the first thing would be just writing and practicing that balance of holding that up you’d be surprised.  trying to do that will have some trouble trust me. I’ve been there I’ve taught them I’ve done it. I’ve done it before if you just got a skateboard and you’re going to college and you’re on your college campus and you’re rolling around. You want to be able to roll off curbs. You also want to be able to ollie up curbs but hey that’s.

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