Do you love the long skateboard deck. After the easiest tricks okay. So you’re going to roll up to the obstacle and once your front wheels start to go off the edge you’re going to want to lift them up that’s important. Then I’ll show you I you want to roll off even like this and then land like this if you roll off like this. Well you’re going to fall into the street and in a street there are cars and in cars. There are people and that could hurt you so. This is the way not to do it you could do it like that you might fall. This is the way to do it whoo first try number. Four let’s go to number five and for the most anticipated finale of the trick number. Five the five finger boneless in Montana. we called this a boneless. I was trying to think about this trick and I was thinking do I bone this with my front hand in my back hand and then I remembered I never boneless but this is a rather easy trick.

Once you learn how to push and you’re riding around and you’ve got this the only thing I can say about this trick is if you’re tall like me and your back is stiff like mine because you’re like 500 years old or older then might be hard to bend down and grab your board but you’re going to ride you’re going to have your feet like that you’re going to bend down grab your board with your back hand step off with your front foot lift up whoa and then step back on without falling. I actually think it’s good this is number five and this one I think was number three it sort of gives you some practice on the boneless people who are actually really good at bonuses and do them really well would probably be very disappointed. In my bone month but you know what this is the beginner of the beginner and if you can do this in any way shape or form feel good about it.

It’s the whole idea that you go and skateboard. You learn something new. I don’t care how small it is the smallest little thing. You earn it you feel good about it okay first run no booth this could. So I definitely threw my back out on that bonus but let’s try it again. so you’re writing you bend down. Grab it with your back hand. Whoa did that look sacred does it look like just the worst thing. Ever Gabe’s not quite sure if it’s like in Montana. We called this a chicken wing you’re rolling you bend down grab it with your back hand usually. I think this trick is done. With a 180 or a 360 or if you’re really wild and crazy you would do 540 Lance just wants me to die wants me to take. It off some stuff I was thinking. We do it with a 180 first or the steps clear enough you guys feel like you can learn this trick date said yeah.

Lance says he’s never tried it before they’re going to both give it a shot. We’ll see what happens one is first toy here’s where it gets real Peck. Oh man I’m going to do a flip do a flip the peanut gallery back here Rize okay if you learn it you learn it. People just take it take what you can get shout out a Bones Brigade. Don’t do it off a drop guys keep it on flat. Oh there’s a rock right there. so you think these are the easiest tricks huh the proof is in the pudding. We’ll see about that Lance Seidler cipher. So I forgot what number one was I forgot. Where we are what are we doing take thy sword number one. First try does he have it are you nervous okay good. I thought you would not I know first try you’re living this you probably want to start on the grass at the carpet group. Danny’s group Dennis dang tricky to go faster to MIT the persistence was incredible number Q then what was bleed black. I get this really ¬†good because it counters a note slide no but if we put this on the ground and this is how I learned how to no split was that proper English.

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