People search on internet like nearest skate shop near me because they want to learn skateboarding. So one of the things that helped me start landing my very first few kick flips is that instead of positioning my foot right about here which is what I do now and what seems to give me the most consistent kick flip motion is I would position my foot a little further back and a little more pointed towards the nose of the board because that would give me the ability to still flick the board and get it to flip without having to develop the extreme bend of the ankle that you need in order to do a kick flip if you have your front foot started out right here, so what you can do is you can start with your foot kind of like right here get some kick flips in, and they might be a little bit ugly usually when you do it like that, the board will stay tilted in this way so we call that a rocket kick flip, but once you start landing a couple, your front foot will get used to the motion that you need to do in order to do a kick flip, and then you can slowly progress to having your foot started out pointed more towards the other side of the board.

Now when some people first start learning how to do a kick flip, they’ll develop a habit that becomes so ingrained into the way that they go about popping and flicking their board, that the only way they can learn how to do a kick flip properly is to first unlearn that bad habit and then they can go about learning how to do it correctly. So on that note let’s talk about some common problems that might be happening to you and then go over some ways that you can fix them so that you can finally start teaching yourself the right way to do a kick flip.

Alright so the first thing that might be holding you back from doing your kick flips properly is that you might not have taken enough time to perfect your ollie technique yet. To do a kick flip, you have to pop the tail of the board off of the ground with your back foot and then slide your front foot up the grip tape, just like you would for an ollie, to pull the board up into the air high enough before you can even worry about flicking it and getting it to level out even more using the flick, but the first part is just like an ollie, so if your kick flip attempts to look kind of like this, try to go back and forth between practicing you rollies and practicing your kick flips and focus on mimicking the same motion that you’re using during your ollie during your kick flip so that you can get the back wheels off the ground high enough to start worrying about what you can do with your front foot.

Now, another thing that skaters will sometimes have trouble with is being able to get fully balanced and centered over top of your board right before you pop the trick which is something you’re going to want to be able to do if you want the board to stay underneath you after you pop the trick on Skateboard for beginners. If you start to notice that your board is consistently landing in the same spot out in front of you or behind you, this is most likely the reason why. One thing that might help you get your balance a little better as you’re setting up to do your kick flip would be to try to do the trick while you’re rolling forward a little bit rather than just doing them while you’re standing still.

If that doesn’t seem to be working out for you, you could also try putting your back wheels into a crack in the cement, which will help keep the board stationary while you’re bending down to set up for the trick. Another possibility that might be causing the board to land out in front of you each time is that you might not have built up the confidence that you need in order to flick the board underneath you and commit to landing on it with both feet yet. Most people, when they are a little bit scared of what’s going to happen if they put both of their feet on the board after a kick flip, is when they go to pop the trick they’ll lean back a little bit and the board will land out in front of them which allows them to land with one of their feet safely on the ground.

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