Do you like venture skateboard. We are going to learn some new skills. We are going to learn how to do the backside 50-50 grind. All you need to know for this trick is how to ollie while you are rolling then you have to find a good size ledge where you are able to ollie up. The foot position for this trick is just like your ollie position. Front foot just under the bolts and your back foot on the tail. Approach the ledge parallel with your ollie position and after you pop your ollie with your front foot guide up your skateboard onto the ledge. Try to grind on the edge of the truck with your wheels pushed to the side of the ledge. When you are on top of the ledge just hold that position as long as you want to grind. Keep your weight centred over your board and evenly distributed over both legs, make sure you keep a little bit of pressure on your tail so when you reached the end of the ledge you can lift up your nose just long enough so your back truck can roll off the ledge.

Make sure you practice and when you are comfortable with this trick build into your line and learn something new. We are going to learn how to do the fake backside big spin. For this trick, you can learn the backside half cab if you want to it’s not necessary but it is an easy trick I’m sure you will have lots of fun with it. You definitely need the fakie shove it because the combination of those two you are going to have your fakie backside big spin. The foot position for this trick remember we are rolling in fakie so the back foot is just under the bolts with a slight angle and the front foot is on the tail kind a hanging of at the end so this will make it easier to scoop your board or pop it.

The whole movement starts with turning your shoulders and your head and when you scoop your board try to catch it with your front foot and stop the rotation. If you practice this in stationary you will have and understanding where is your board so it will be easier to land the trick while you are rolling. Then you just have to practice while you are rolling and don’t worry if it’s not perfect all the time and you didn’t pop a massive fakie shove it because the more you practice it, you will land it more often and you can pop your shove it higher and higher. So you can see here in the slow motion for this trick is pretty much the same as the shove it you just have to turn your head and shoulders with it and catch it with your front foot to stop the rotation as you would do with a shove it in general.

We are going to learn how to jump on your board from a running start. We will learn two ways to jump on your board. First while your board is on the floor and the second while you are holding it. Let’s start with jumping on your board why it’s on the floor. Place your board on the ground and take a step back to build your momentum when you step closer push your board with your dominant foot and then jump on to it. Keep your knees flexible and try to land on the bolts with your front foot and then place your back foot on the tail and roll away. Next one how to jump onto your board while you are holding it. Hold your boards with your right hand if you are goofy and with the left if you are regular footed.

Start to run and drag your tail on the floor then jump raising your dominant foot first and the same time release your skateboard in a straight line. Land with your front foot on the bolts and your back foot on the tail, practice this and you will be able to gain speed quickly without pushing your board.

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