Do you want to talk about skating bail. Okay I mean maybe that’s what we should do it’s like how to know slide without an Ollie. We should make with you floppy nose slide flappy. Jose whoa your practice stepping. This no this is the easiest skateboard trick no. You’re legitimately scared of this. I just thought the practice stuff was funny. Oh he thought it was funny is not meant to be funny guys. First joy wasn’t the first time. There’s a lot of STIs days do not think you have you got some trouble really. I said Dave had zero confidence in you zero. Okay number three the caveman the whole point of these is so. You actually do like improve and feel like you’re improving and then take a win and I can tell that it’s good because you’re like. I just learned Rick do you think so yeah that’s I’m going to stand over here just in case people JIT amélie scare

Oh not first tried that was just really cz like I’m super Steve like sick yeah. Yeah I can’t wait to see the boneless for trick that is a fun trick. They are all fun trick every trick in skateboarding is a fun trick. I think that most people to beauties in one day getting sup if you were good at riding the boards because yeah I have to be hit right at the board kids. I mean granted you’ve done kickflip 360 flip. Hard flip always the five just about that bug no a person who just is very very very first starting might do that yeah. They might do this one in one day. I mean right and did that yeah right and did that he’s a toddler that’s like a really good example of like a very very first skateboard trick and something that you would do and feel proud of yourself. If you’ve been skateboarding for 10 years or five years or even a year and you’re like oh. This is so stupid. Don’t just don’t even. We’re new people are learning how to skateboard and you’re going to give them the opportunity to learn.

How to skateboard that’s where they’re going to start. It’s not stupid. So what’s the next trick it was the tre revert. Now oh yeah the sweeper swapper give it a shot. I legitimately think like a good three hours you could do that trip of rebirth. Yeah okay dig kids like now. I’ve let’s check number four. What are we on for roll off a curb. I already know he knows how to do this because he’s done it before made a whole tutorial in a full-length tutorial. On just this one trick I didn’t want to do it. I was like let’s do it. It was really good and made me realize that people who are very first learning like for me just to roll off a curb. I feel like a fool. I feel like a fool making a tutorial out of that but that’s the whole point of this is so. We teach you guys who hopefully are buying your first skateboard this weekend and starting like that’s the idea right if you don’t have a skateboard get a skateboard star skateboarding yeah.

Oh first charge I know it’s a happy it has ever been and I think in his entire life he also was like man didn’t roll the way kind of like like lissa Rochambeau okay. So this is a boneless off and it looks like Gabe Cruz is going to go first judge. The judge says it’s good the non judge says I got. It but maybe I should rebate it because I’m a nice guy. Bruce drawn my voice cracked on that a little bit use the wrong hand that was amazing first. Roy want me to say they both won because they’re skateboarders where everyone wins. Now I’m really not joking. It’s where everyone wins skateboarding. I think that concludes our expedition for today that was the most various easiest skateboard tricks if you guys think you know of any trick that’s easier than if you guys think these are not even skateboard tricks please leave it in the comments below if you guys are just starting out skateboarding. We want to help you guys learn how to skateboard we want you to get better if you don’t have a skateboard we want you to get one we want you to start skateboarding.

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