Do you want to know the role of heat transfer skateboard. I’m going to teach you how to do a skateboard trick called a backside board slide. A board slide is a trick that involves turning your board sideways and sliding it on the center part of the deck, in between both sets of wheels. They can be done front side or backside, but backside board slides are probably going to be easier for you to learn first since you’ll be facing forward while you slide. Before you start trying this trick, I would recommend learning ollies and front side power slides. If you know how to do front side 180 ollies, you’re going to already be familiar with the motion you use to get into the slide, but if not, you should still be able to get the hang of it with a little practice. Alright so now that you’re ready to get started, I recommend learning them on a curb or a short ledge first, and then taking them to a flat rail once you’re at least able to get into the sliding position properly.

Ok so when you do a board slide on a ledge, you want your board to slide like this. You want your front wheels to be touching down on the top of the ledge and your back truck to almost be scraping the corner. Now, back up a little bit and approach the ledge at a slight angle with your back facing it, and crouch down to prepare for your ollie. Just before the nose of your board comes into contact with the ledge, rotate your shoulders front side and un crouch. As you ollie, allow your board to align itself with your shoulders, and land with your front wheels on top of the ledge. When you first start trying this, you might have an issue where your board isn’t sliding far enough.

To fix this, you can try going a little faster, leaning back a little bit more, or just sliding the very last part of the ledge. As a last resort, you can add a little bit of skate wax to the top part of the ledge where your wheels touch. Once you’re able to make it to the end of the ledge, your board is just going to drop down onto the landing perpendicular to the way to want to ride, so before you get to the end, you should take some of the weight off of your front foot and rotate at your hips to swing the board back around to face forward. Now let’s look at backside board slides on a flat bar.

When you board slide a rail, you want your board to be positioned like this, with the center of your board directly over top of the rail. Approach the rail the same way as before, at a slight angle but almost parallel, and once you’re close enough, do a frontside90 degree ollie to start the slide. You’ll find that the board is going to slide a lot faster on the rail since you’re not dragging your wheels this time, so expect the board to shoot out on you the first few times you try it. To fix this, you really have to commit to leaning forward, into the slide, so that your board stays underneath you. As you get to the end of the rail, un weight your front foot again and twist your hips so that the board faces forward and drop down onto the landing. Until you really get a feel for this trick, you should start off just sliding on the very end of the rail and over time, work your way up to longer slides.

A caveman trick is super simple, but it’s the basis for a whole bunch of other tricks, so make sure to learn it at some point in your progression. Before you start trying cave mans, I would recommend having the basics of riding and steering down pretty well. Then you want to have the practice landing on your board with a little bit of forward momentum. Find a section of flat ground and place your board down. Then for a back up a few steps, run up to the board and jump on, landing with one foot over each set of wheels, letting your forward momentum continue after you land on the board. Once you can do this with a fair amount of speed, you should be ready to do your first caveman.

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