Do you look at the television figure skating schedule. We’re here today with Phoebe. What is a Phoebe see you. Oh I thought it was me. That’s your name whoa how old are you how long you been skateboarding for five minutes and I guess. We’re going to teach you what today how to skateboard. How to skateboard there you go. I mean that’s what it is right mm-hmm. Why do you want to learn how to skateboard. Cause you don’t know how and you want to learn how that makes sense boom. so we’re running a special sale for Labor Day and it’s going to be 20% off everything. So I think we should start out with the first trick as a push you ready if you know how to do this already I’m not going to count it as trick one. welcome to this trick zero go ahead give it a push pass if you were to run and jump on ice which foot would you put forward like. Let’s say you’re running and you’re going to slide on something.

What would you which foot this one. First is that one that one okay. So it feels more comfortable to push that foot forward. Okay so you’re going to go like this stand just like me put your first foot on the board. Just like this put your foot just like that you ready now. First yeah yeah that’s all we’re going to do first is just like you’re walking. Just like that that’s Gary a little bit yeah. Sam okay so now that you got that you’re basically a professional with that. I put your front foot a little higher like right there. Now get it a little push and then stand on it with both feet. Oh straight into Mongo. How did that feel weird. I understand stand on your board with both feet like this you got it. Okay now here’s my question.

If I were to push you which direction would it feel more comfortable to go that way or that way that way okay okay now step off with that foot okay. So that’s the basic motion now step on with that foot okay. Now step off with that foot okay. Now you basically know how to push that’s basically. Why pushing is so another thing is if you bend your knees. It’s going to be easier okay. Oh what’s happening that’s making this really hard for you. You’re ready you’re standing on it like this and then when you put your other foot on you’re going like this. So put your back foot on like this. Like this see this motion. You’re going to go just like that. I put this foot back here okay. Now back on the ground now back on the board. Okay back on the ground back on the board back in the board.

All right okay all right. See that’s easy right so that’s that’s how you push does that make sense okay. Let’s put your knees and elbow pads and back brace your entire body. How’s that you ready for el Torro me neither give it a push. If you land it right here. We’ll give it to you first drive. But you only get one shot oh sorry she looked at me. Like I was a little unappropriate well. That’s trick number. one should we practice that for the next a very long time good idea practice trick one for a very long time. Oh so once you step your feet on you want here we go. There we go you’re a natural now once you step your feet on you’ll have better balance. If they’re not so close together. cuz you’re kind of like this try and go like this okay there you go that feel easier okay.

now one last thing so when your feet are like this try and go like this on the board try and turn them because you want to stand like that that’s going to be your their most comfortable position. Oh what you got this do they need me anymore. okay ready first trick – this is going to get real hard just like I got no problem with you or this trip this is scary probably at first put your feet. Under there probably. We should do this not on the cement. And then you go like this. Don’t want it.

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