Some people like crazy skateboard font on their skateboard for fun. I was listening to this podcast, I don’t remember which one it was, and they were like, ‘yeah, you know, you just never really have to worry about those skateboard kids, like they got it all figured out,’ and I was like, yeah, we kind of do! I’ve been skateboarding for probably the majority of my life. I just can’t shake it. You can get anywhere, you can bomb all the hills you want on the way there and it’s just like an adult playground. I can go skate downtown by myself and cruise laps all day or you can get some homies over and have a session and it’s like the funnest thing in the world. It’s definitely like a community.

There’s definitely been a scene up here, you just had to look for it. You pretty much know every skater in town but I started to notice that there’s more kids that I’m not recognizing so much and it’s kind of a cool thing to realize that skating’s kind of branching out to not just our tight little knit community, but to the rest of Anchorage too. During the winter we usually go to like parking garages and stuff. We’re resourceful I guess. It’s like a constant hunt for like a new spot or something like that. The summertime completely makes up for the nine months of winter that we have to put up with because it’s just so nice, sun’s out till midnight, you can skate as long as you want.

It’s usually pretty warm. It’s like I could never get away from Alaska for a summer. My mom’s Eyak, which is a smaller native tribe from the South-Central region, from Cordova really, and then my dad’s family moved to Cordova when he was a little kid. It’s just a little fishing town and then moved to Anchorage when they had me and my two other brothers. I’ve never moved out of here either. It’s like I go somewhere else and it’s nice to be somewhere foreign and so busy and stuff like that but you come back to Alaska and everything’s just a littles lower and this just feels like home. That’s what keeps me here.

Finally ended up buying a house here not too long ago, figured I’d set up shop; and I have one buddy Brendan, he came over and he’s like alright first thing we’re doing is building a ramp in the back! It’s a very humble community, which is I think one of the reasons I really like it a lot. You could see 10 different people do a kick flip and they do it 10 different ways and everyone has their individual style about it that makes it unique it makes it sick to them and you just got to kind of figure it out for yourself and then when you do it’s like, ‘Ah! It clicked!’ It’s a cool community up here.

It’s very supportive. Like everyone has a good time when we skate. I’ll go take my dog for like just a lap around the neighbor hoodor something like that, we’ll go skate. I think of it more as like therapy almost and not in like a cliche or way like that, but it’s just like you can go skating for the beginners and if you’re having a bad day you can just like take your mind off everything that happened during the day and you can just go skate. Because it requires a hundred and ten percent of your attention because as soon as you take your thought off the board then you hit a rock or you get some speed wobbles or something like that and you’re done.

It just kind of humbles you I feel like, because you have to be able to fall (Oh!) and get back up and it’s not always this gratification and this rewarding sense, like you really got to work at it. It’s definitely like a. I say love-hate relationship, but I love skateboarding it’s the one thing that I’ll probably consistently do for the rest of my life.

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