If you use skateboard color grip tape then there is no need to use it. I’m going to teach you how to do a skateboard trick called a firecracker. Firecrackers are performed down a set of stairs, and involve riding down each stair while balancing on your back wheels, rather than jumping all the way to the bottom. Before you start trying this trick, I would recommend having a few other basic maneuvers down first. The most important thing you need to be able to do is hold a manual. A firecracker is essentially just doing a manual while going down a set of stairs, but obviously the stairs create a lot more instability, so you need to be able to hold a manual pretty well. Next, you need to be able to ride off of a curb. Once you’re able to do this fairly well, practice riding off of the curb and landing in a manual. This is this motion ┬áthat you’re going to use for each stair you go over when you do a firecracker.

There is one more practice step you can try, but it’ll only work if you find a set of stairs that are wide enough. You can test it out their the stair set by rolling the board over them with your hands. If the back wheels dropdown to the second stair before your front wheels drop down to the third stair, then that set of stairs will work well for this practice step. Approach the top of the stairs at a slow speed, and attempt to ride down the stairs just like you would ride down a flat ramp, allowing both sets of wheels to drop down onto each subsequent stair as you roll past the previous one. If you get off balance, you should be able to take your back foot off and walk the rest of the way down the stair set, so don’t be too worried about crashing.

Once you get these practice steps down, it’s time for the real thing. Find a set of 2 or 3 stairs and position your feet in a normal riding position, with your front foot over your front wheels, and your back foot on the tail, and approach this stair set with a little more speed than before. This trick gets easier the faster you go, because it reduces the amount of time you have to balance on your back wheels, but you can start out going slow and then work your way up to going faster. As your front wheels get to this end of the first stair, lift up the front of your board like a manual, and ride off of it just like you would ride off of a curb. However, you may also want to land back in a manual and prepare to ride off the next stair.

Keep the front wheels to lifted up so as you roll down each stair until you hit the bottom of the stair set. Then, set down the front wheels and roll away. If something goes wrong in the middle of this trick, you can bail out of it like before by setting your front wheels down, taking your back foot off first, and then walking or running the rest of the way down the stairs. The best advice I can give you for this trick is to try not to over think it. Once your back wheels go over the first stair, the board is going to start rattling around like crazy, but all you have to do is try to hold your balance and keep the board under you until you get to the bottom, and eventually you’ll get good enough at them to do them every time.

Now, there are a whole bunch of caveman variations, but the easiest one looks like this. Hold the nose of your board with your front hand and with your thumb on the grip tape. Get a small running start and jump off the ground with your back foot, simultaneously swinging the board under your feet. Land with the feet on the bolts, and ride away clean. Before you practice them moving, you can try them standing still or on a surface that will prevent your wheels from rolling like grass, so you can work on getting your technique down. Note that you can use any grab to start out a caveman, but my favorite ones to use are the indy grab, the melon grab, the tail grab, the mute grab, and the cannonball. For all of these, make sure you’re landing with your feet on top of your wheels, and that you have enough forward momentum to rollaway with at least a little bit of speed.

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