Are you ready for a beginner skateboard setup. We’re going to drill down and identify every possible reason you might be having trouble landing your kick flips, and then tell you exactly what you need to do in order to fix it and start landing them every try. Now real quick, before we get into the list of possible issues you might be having, first I want to go over the proper technique to do a kick flip so that we have a baseline to work from and reference once we start going over all of the common problems. Being able to do an ollie is an essential first step to being able to doa kick flip so if you haven’t learned those yet, you can watch my tutorial on them by clicking the link up here or in the description section below.

So now, to do a kickflip, first you’re going to want to position your feet on the board for the most part like this with your front foot positioned over the front wheels at a slight angle and your back foot positioned on the tail in the same place that you’d put it in to do an ollie. Now, whereas for an ollie you’re going to be dragging your front foot up the board so that you’re aiming for the center of the tail, for a kick flip, you’re instead going to be aiming so that this part of your shoe right here, right over top of where your pinkie toe is, is aiming for this area of the electric skateboard right here, where the side of the board meets the nose, which we call the pocket.

Now, as you pop the tail off of the ground, just like you would for an ollie, bend at your ankle and slide your front foot up the grip tape, not sideways or down like you might think, and focus on pulling the board up off of the ground with your front foot. Then as your front foot gets to the pocket, you’re going to want to flick your front foot out which is going to do two things: First, it’s going to make the board start rotating really fast. Second it’s going to push the nose of the board down so that the back of the board is going to come up, allowing you to catch it with your back foot once it’s done flipping all the way around.

Alright so now that you understand exactly what it is that you’re going for, let’s take a look at how skaters normally progress through the process of learning how to do a kick flip so that we can identify where along that process you might be making a mistake and figure out exactly what’s holding you back from landing your kick flips in a consistent manner. So, usually when skaters first start learning how to do a kick flip, once they’re able to level out their ollies consistently, they’ll start just practicing flicking the board out in front of them in a kick flip motion like this just to get a feel for what they need to do with their front foot in order to get the board to flip properly.

If you’re currently on this step, try to flick the board so that it lands, for the most part, underneath you and then stop your front foot down on the board once it’s done flipping all the way around so that you can start to get a feel for the timing of the kick flip. The next step that you’ll want to start practicing is popping and flicking the board in the same way except landing with your back foot on the board instead and landing with your front foot on the ground. This is an important step because one of the things that a lot of skaters have trouble with when they’re learning how to do a kick flip is teaching themselves how to jump into the air high enough and keeping their back foot up in the air long enough in order to land back on the board with both feet.

From there it shouldn’t be all that much more difficult to start landing on the board with your front foot as well, but just keep in mind that it does take a good amount of time and practice to get there, so as long as you keep at it, you’ll eventually develop the muscle definition and the muscle memory necessary to start landing your kick flips.

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